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So this week is going to be busy, exciting and a huge move forward for my little vintage company. I'm not ready to go back in to the realms of being a high street shop owner just yet (that was another life) but if somebody would like me to stock their shop then yes please! Love too, all over it! All the joy of sourcing, merchandising, supplying and selling without having to be there 24/7... it seems to good to be true?

I may not have to face the stresses of an independent high street retailer right now, however I do have the stress of getting my technophobic head around all of the do's and don'ts of being an online retailer... it's a mindfield! Any advise warmly welcomed.

But I  am determined to learn. So here it is my first website (needs work) my first online shop  and my first BLOG! Fingers crossed... 

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